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Lives Changed by Chiropractic

No More Ear Aches!

Destry came to Garden City due to constant Ear Aches, along with some colored drainage. These are things that can definitely leave a child feeling uncomfortable, and cause a parent to struggle to find the right solution.


A chronic ear infection is a recurring buildup of fluids, inflammation, and swelling that plugs the eustachian tube in the middle ear, causing repeated pressure and pain. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, about 60% of children experience at least one ear infection by their first birthday. By the age of three, around 80% of children have had at least one. Respiratory infections such as colds and flu are even more common, and most children will have multiple episodes before age 3.

At Garden City, we take the approach of taking care of the root cause(s) of the chronic ear infections and working to restore proper balance and function to the nervous system, immune systems, and nerves and muscles that are involved in keeping the inner and middle ear healthy, draining, and functioning just right.


The first thing parents report when getting their children struggling with chronic ear infections adjusted and under chiropractic care is that they can finally drain and clear the fluid easier and sleep much better at night. This improved drainage and sleep help the body fight off the infection and clear things out much faster, meaning the body itself is doing the healing, just as it's designed to do! 

After only just a little over a month of adjustments, Destry's mom reported that "his drainage is now clear, and he isn't showing any signs of an ear infection." It's amazing to continue seeing all that gunk moving and draining to make play time, and make life a little more comfortable. 

// Destry R. \\


Seizures and Subdued

Everly and her mom were looking for an alternative to medicine. While trying a lot of different things between new medications, different nutrition, and other things they tried, her mom reported that Chiropractic care has helped drastically for her space outs that Everly would experience! Everly would space out for several seconds at a time and has since seen less and less of those episodes. Her mom also reports how much more "lively" she has been since starting care! We've loved watching Everly go from several seizures, quiet + subdued to vibrant, more “alive” + less seizure episodes!

// Everly K. \\


Recurring Sickness

Before Austin began care at Garden City Chiropractic, he experienced issues with his sinuses and allergies. His mom also noticed how often he was sick. They were constantly giving him medicine, taking him to the Doctor's and Urgent Care frequently. Through this Austin missed a lot of school which started to impact his mental health.


His mom noticed ever since starting care, he rarely gets sick anymore! When he does, it no longer lasts or stays around but rather is in one day and out the next! He's back to school in no time and his sinus and allergy issues have decreased drastically.


// Austin D. \\

Focus & Attention Struggles

Lilly was struggling majorly with self-regulation, her attention span, and staying focused. Mom & grandma said they were trying to find other solutions to help her that didn't involve just medication.

Having already tried medication, diet changes, and supplements- they hoped there would be something else out there to help her function better in her day-to-day life. Grandma said it was really difficult for them to find the perfect combination of resources to help her.

That’s when they found us! Lilly got her neurological scans done, and it clearly uncovered a lot of nervous system dysregulation that was getting in the way of her ability to regulate herself on her own

Grandma reported:

Improved tone and coordination.

Her gross motor activities seemed to be easier for her.

She is now able to participate in her school's dance team!

Better emotional regulation, less anxiety, and much more focus at school!

She was sleeping better with more energy and happier moods overall!


Consistent neurologically-focused care that helped calm and coordinate her nervous system allowed for these major changes with Lilly!

// Lillian F. \\

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Low Immunity

Little Cason was brought into our office due to his constant, recurring ear infections. Along with them, he was experiencing frequent fevers.


Mom & dad tried medications, and even adenoid removal, but nothing was doing the trick. As wonderful parents do though, they couldn’t accept that answer.


Cason’s parents came on across neurologically based chiropractic care, and finally found the answers they were looking for! Once consistent adjustments began, they saw changes in Cason. Not only had he not experienced anymore ear infections, but even became fever free! At one point, his parents said “The whole house has come down with the winter ick, but it hasn’t even touched Cason!


He is one happy little guy now that he doesn’t have all the doctor’s appointments and medications to worry about any longer!

// Cason K. \\

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