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Raising Healthy Kids Naturally

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Free In-Person Workshop for Parents

Raising Healthy Kids Naturally

Join Dr. Nick & Dr. Kenzie and learn the exact action steps you can take to finally help your kiddo get over the chronic congestion, inflammation, allergies and struggles!


Keep Your Kiddos & Family Healthy!

Make sure you RSVP right above to save your spot. Hope, Answers, and Help are waiting for you there from Dr. Nick and Dr. Kenzie. Bring your best questions because there will be plenty of time for Q&A. For more information, read below!

Who Should Attend this Workshop

Parents who have children who are struggling with being sick so often that it is impacting the entire family.
Parents who are worried about their family’s immune system and are always feeling less than their best. 
Parents who are feeling burnt out and have tried everything to help their family feel better.

Our unique workshop will explore the truth on why our families are stuck in the cycle of sick. From both the outside and the inside, we will help you put together the information you need to know why your family may be struggling to kick the sick! We'll give you step by step help that you can use to start making a difference for your family. Together we help you learn how to MINIMIZE the tough days and MAXIMIZE the good days for your family. 

Dear Parents,


This year has been tough for many families when it comes to colds, coughs and contagious sniffles that just never seem to go away.

Allergies, asthma and ear infections are creeping in and taking over your family.

Let's just get real for a minute and talk about the green gook, watery eyes, lingering cough and sore throats. These are miserable symptoms that put stress on everyone in the family.

From missed school days to sleepless nights, your entire family is EXHAUSTED!

You're tired of standing in the drugstore aisle deciding what to buy... 4-hour relief? 12-hour relief?

What if you could find relief for MORE than 12 hours? What if the relief had no warning labels and could stop the cycle of getting one cold that leads to a sore throat that leads to a cough that never seems to go away?

We've pulled together our best of the best CARE team to help you FINALLY get answers to why your child can't ever seem to KICK the SICK!

We also can't wait for you to meet Drs Nick and Kenzie at Garden City Chiropractic!


Our focus will help you to decide on how to use more natural options to get the root of the problem, know when antibiotics and medical interventions may be needed, and when not!

Join Us May 11th @ 6:30 PM!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where & When is this workshop?

This workshop takes place at 6:30 PM on May 11th at Garden City Chiropractic.


Our address is conveniently located at 9531 Fields Ertel Rd, Loveland OH, 45140.

can I bring a friend?

Absolutely! We encourage you to bring a friend or family member with you to share this experience.

If you know of anyone who's in a similar position, we would love for you to bring them.


what if I know nothing about chiropractic?

Not a problem AT ALL! We are presenting this workshop to lots of families, many of which are new to the concepts discussed during this workshop!

We share case studies, stories and examples to help you and get the answers you need as you’re on this journey.

will there be a pressured sales pitch?

No. In fact, this is designed to be a 90 minute, 💯 educational workshop where we hope you walk away knowing more about options you have as a parent. 

It's becoming harder and harder to find drug-free and safe options out there for our kiddos. 

And if we get the chance to help your family get to the other side of the struggle and provide you with hope, then we'll be here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Improved Focus in School

Before starting chiropractic care, Dominic (10yrs) had frequent tension headaches, sometimes even turning into migraines. He also struggled with a lot of difficulties when it came to focusing during school hours. These are unfortunately things that have become very common in school aged children. Luckily, through chiropractic care, Dominic has seen an all around change in his day-to-day life.
After being under care with Garden City Chiropractic, Dominic has since reported back to us saying, “When I started coming it was because I needed help focusing in school, and help with my headaches. I used to get a lot of random headaches, and sometimes migraines. Now I only seem to get headaches when I’m feeling overwhelmed, and my focus in school has improved so much!”

Dominic Mills

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